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Construction Recruitment

Link-Force is the perfect place for top-notch construction recruitment solutions! As industry leaders, we’re experts at finding the best talent for your building and construction projects. Whether you need permanent, temporary, or contract professionals, we’ve got you covered. Using a cool tech and a huge list of candidates, we’re all about getting you the best team. Our mission is to ensure your crew not only gets the job done but does it like real champs. We appreciate every skill, making sure our workforce propels your projects to success. Your dream team is just a click away.

Clients Reviews

Client Review

“Link-Force Recruitment has been working with us over years now. They are a great agency to work with. They really understand the construction industry well and the needs of larger and smaller companies. They are always easy to talk to and honest. I would highly recommend Link-Force.”

Placed Candidate

“Very good agency and very good people very good staff to work with no hassle no problem with money, paid on time always. Happy to work with them!”

Client Review

“Excellent workforce provided for our sites, haven’t let us down once and they will always go the extra mile to help us out.”

Placed Candidate

“I’ve been working with these guys for a while now and I have to say that they operate on a completely professional level in every aspect possible. I never have a shortage of work, I always get the best rate possible (better than any other agency I have previously worked with) and if I have any issues they are resolved immediately. Thank you guys. I plan to stick with you for a long time.”

Client Review

“Class company, we needed drivers and labours on sites last minute and link-force was able to fulfil the roles within hour with skilled workers and drives. long story sort their belter and I will use them again”

Placed Candidate

“Great company to work. Always ready to help if necessary, never an issue with pay, would highly recommend to others without a doubt.”

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Link-Force understands the challenges of running a construction business because our directors have been there. We ease your pain by finding the right team either temporary or permanent, based on your needs.

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