You can find every type of job in the construction sector, from quantity surveyors to site managers, technical engineers to architects. You can find the job according to how you want to work; it can either be technical or hands-on. To get the best job, you can engage with recruitment agencies to see what jobs are available, simply surf the internet, or pull some strings. Getting full information before starting work will benefit you.

If you like to work with your mind and are very technical, you can either work as quantity surveyors or architects, and if you are more comfortable working with your hands, you can work as a site manager or bricklayer. The construction industries is rising every day. It is no difficult task to find new construction jobs in the construction sector or construction industries. Choosing the right job to get exactly the future that you want is very important. That’s why starting on the right foot is all you need to do.

How to Enter the Field of Construction?

You can easily get a construction job, as the industry has a lot to offer. All you need are the right skills and qualifications for the construction company to consider you. For example, not everyone can apply for the job of quantity surveyor. People who have experience working as quantity surveyors can apply. You don’t have to worry about getting a job; all you have to worry about is having the right skills, qualifications, and experience. Since you are new in this field and have no idea what job is right for you, you can always work with a recruitment agency like Link Force. They help you find the best job for you.

Construction job with little or no Experience

Finding a job in construction with little or no experience is nearly impossible. This field requires experience. You’ll find a lot of people with years of experience working on different projects. The only job in construction that doesn’t require a lot of experience is that of a laborer. Jobs that are offered to people with little experience are mostly temporary and not that rewarding as compared to other jobs on the list, but you only experience this problem when you are a beginner. As you gain experience, you come across a lot of different opportunities. Below are listed entry-level jobs available in construction industries with the required skills and abilities.

Site Maintenance Assistant

You should be able to communicate with your manager and give proper reports. You have to be vigilant, and you should know about everything that happens around you. You should know how to complete general maintenance tasks. There are no specific qualifications required for this job, but for some extra benefit, you should have complete courses in health and safety. Looking for construction jobs? Contact Link Force.


Mindfulness and organization skills are require. How to plan and execute should be on your list before applying for a job. If you have experience working as a laborer, you have a higher chance of getting this job. No formal qualifications are require. Having BGCSEs in math and English can give you some brownie points.

General Laborer

It requires physically fit people who should know how to use and work with certain specialized tools. Initially, laborers are train on site to start with, but a Design Technology GCSE qualification can be beneficial. If you are looking for construction jobs in London, Link Force can provide you one.