Top Construction Jobs are a great opportunity for those who have the relevant degree and want to grow in their career. It is especially a much-paying profession with high job security. If you have a craze for learning and development construction field is for you. You can get to work with bigger companies and on challenging projects even for long-term employment.

Your chances of a better job increase if you have the right skills or training. But it is always worth exploring multiple options and generating interest before finalizing a position. According to an estimate, you can have advanced opportunities and better job stability with a growth rate of 7.7% in 2023. Following are some of the highest-paying professions in construction jobs with the maximum growth rate.


Architects can make a revenue of 40-50K dollars per year Depending on the types of projects they are getting. It is up to their creativity and understanding to make efficient residential and commercial. Architects are highly responsible for their new constructions job as they have to keep the specific environmental conditions in check. The buildings that they design must be according to the legal and safety regulations of a particular area.

Civil engineer

Construction activities both at major and minor scales require a significant amount of planning. A civil engineer is required to look after the project from start to end ensuring the blueprint, survey, and the use of machinery. He organizes the data accordingly to make sure that the building has a low environmental impact. The job competition is a bit tough for this one but you can expect regular growth with a yearly gain of 20-80K Dollars.

Construction Manager

A construction manager is one of the top Construction Jobs in London as he has the main supervision of the project. Their job requires them to move around the job site and the office,  budget, and handle every decision about the project. Construction managers need to plan ahead of time and must have excellent organizational skills. They not only have to manage the expenses and plan the blueprint of the project but also lead the team and direct the laborers. Annual earning for them is 80-100k dollars.

Quantity surveyor

An online construction recruitment agency can help you get the best construction jobs including that of a quantity surveyor. Their annual earning is 55-65K dollars and they are responsible for project quality management. They keep a check on the costs and make sure that the legal requirements are met. Construction projects are incomplete without a quantity surveyor.

Electrical project manager

An electrical project manager is responsible for all the electrical works after and within the construction. This job requires a lot of responsibility and careful installation. Electrical project managers need to work with safety and efficiency to ensure that the residential and commercial real estate buildings have proper electrical installation. They have to work on the electricity supply and the costs of wiring and other tasks. Their average annual income is between 40-75K dollars.

Heavy equipment operator

The equipment operator is responsible for moving and transporting building materials using heavy machinery. They also excavate grounds to make a foundation and basement. They need to work under legal construction regulations to make sure that the building foundation is strong enough to support the heavy material above. Their annual income depends upon the company and the nature of the job. However, an estimated income is between 50-70k dollars.

Bid Manager

The bid manger controls all the commercial documents with a salary range of 20-70k dollars. They are hired to seek new talents and increase the workforce. Commercial contracts and official documents are under their control. They hunt down new people according to the requirements of each project.