The pandemic caused many businesses to face challenges and difficulties for a whole year. Whether it’s about the employees or recruiting new workers for construction, it was an extensive setback for the agencies. Even before, recruiting new staff in construction agencies was already a difficult task for the managers because it doesn’t allow specific qualifications. But it does require some working experience in this field. There were some conditions under which a worker is hired. They have to be fast learners so that they should be able to handle and operate the equipment. In addition, they should be physically strong and have good collaborative skills so they can work together as a team. All these requirements made the hiring process quite a challenge.

Now the pandemic is over, it has created many opportunities for companies to recruit new and passionate workers to develop a better workforce. These new workers might bring new plans and efficient resources, which will be beneficial for the company. The workers can also positively affect the construction economy with their latest strategies and techniques. Link Force is one of the Top construction recruitment agencies London, which will offer you services and help you hire trained construction site workers.

Construction Workers for Recruitment

Following are some of the construction site workers that Link Force provides for recruitment:

Supervisor for construction sites

The job of these supervisors is the same as that of the site safety inspectors, but they differ in responsibilities. These supervisors monitor the development of the construction project and ensure safety on the site. They communicate with the suppliers to order construction building supplies and equipment, train and educate new workers on how to use the machinery, and supervise them. The site supervisor must have good leadership and problem-solving skills. They should know the construction safety rules and regulations. Link Force is one of the Construction Recruitment Agency in London that will help you hire experienced site supervisors for your working site.

Construction Surveyor

These surveyors take measurements, plan and conduct surveys on the construction sites to gather information. They have to create reports, develop detailed design documents and mark the property boundaries for legal requirements. These surveyors advise the client, architects, or site managers of any problems or defects in the construction. For this, they must have good observations and mathematical skills. You can hire such construction surveyors from Link Force, as they can help you examine the land records, spot any defect in the building, and will guide the staff as well.

Crane Operators

Crane operators are essential for every construction site. They operate large machinery equipment and lift the materials from one place to another place safely on the site. That can also help to remove obstacles from the site. Crane operators must know how to operate such large and heavy machinery. They should also inspect if the crane is safe to use or if it requires some maintenance. Construction Recruitment Agency in London, Link Force will help you to hire professional crane operators for your construction site. They have experience working with these machines and can operate them smoothly.


Plumbers can be a great help in fixing, repairing, and installing pipes in our house. Whenever there is a water or air leakage from pipes, the first thing to do is to call a plumber to fix it. But on construction sites, their job is to plan the layout for pipe installations and the whole plumbing system. They have to measure, cut and assemble pipes and tubes. They also have to test the system for any leakage or defect. If you want to hire a plumber for your site, you should contact Link Force. It is one of the Top construction recruitment agencies London, which will help you to hire a skilled plumber at an affordable rate.