Job recruitment in the construction industry can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be with Link Force. At Link Force, we recruit the best construction workers and managers in the industry and put them to work on some of the biggest projects across the country and around the world. Plus, we don’t charge you any fees, so you can rest assured that your budget will remain intact while we find you exactly what you need.

Construction Laborers

Professional Job Recruitment Agency workers are an essential part of any business, without them buildings would not be able to be built. Being a laborer can be very laborious and hard work, so finding someone who wants to do that job full time can sometimes be difficult. Laborersneed to have a great work ethic, lots of stamina and strength along with being ability to read plans. Being at heights is also an important aspect of being a Construction Worker as there will always be something up high for you to climb and fix or clean. When finding Laborer’s, you should do your research and ask around as there will always have been someone in your neighborhood who has worked with them before and knows if they are good workers or not.


If you are looking for jobs in construction, it is essential to know who is currently seeking carpenters. Job boards are flooded with listings that may not even be legit. If you want to learn more about Link Force and how they can help with your job search, click here. Carpenters aren’t only employed through traditional means anymore. The days of standing on a corner waiting for work are long gone; instead, many contractors use services like Link Force to find qualified carpenters with knowledge of specific trades and projects. Many people don’t realize that skills from other trades make them an ideal candidate for certain jobs or roles on various building sites across various industries.


Link Force Profissional Construction Recruitment agency, hiring Plumbers and Engineers. If you are looking for a job in construction or recruitment, we have jobs in construction for you. As well as plumbers, Link force has been sourcing and placing engineers.

Steel Fixers

Construction recruitment specialist Link force, provide a wide range of skilled steel fixers with unrivaled coverage. Providing high quality and professional service to both Employers and Candidates, their long-standing relationship with many major companies has led to their reputation for having only talented candidates available to hire. With a wealth of experience within all areas of construction, they can cater to any project regardless of size or location. With an ever-growing database of experienced professionals, you can be sure that they will have exactly what you need when you need it. Whether you’re looking for a specific skill set or perhaps just someone who fits your criteria perfectly, Link force will have them ready and waiting.


Link Force has been retained by an experienced construction consultancy, which is looking for a reliable candidate to join their team. The firm specializes in all types of civil engineering works including land drainage and environmental engineering solutions in the Professional Job Recruitment Agency.

Construction Surveyors

Construction recruitment is a great opportunity for those who want to build their career and earn a good income. In China, there are a lot of infrastructure projects that need experienced professional surveyors, especially at the design and implementation stages. People with any of these qualifications will have a high chance of getting into jobs in construction sites or government agencies through Link ForceConstruction recruitment begins from junior positions but most of them will quickly develop into senior-level if they demonstrate consistent performance.