Recruiters with years of experience are dedicated to finding the best talent in the country. Two constants in your success in a construction recruitment agency are industry-based service and an in-depth understanding of the construction industry. There are many construction jobs offered by many construction recruitment agencies. Some of the most demanded jobs are mentioned below:

Welfare Laborers

This is a job that requires you to monitor the health of the workers. Workers for our agency must be in good health and receive their daily wages on time.


Construction workers, or simply “laborers,” are the people who form the bulk of a project. This is one of top construction jobs in London.

Drivers of telescopic forklifts

Lifting and extending the telescopic arms of a telescopic forklift is possible, allowing it to adjust its maximum reach and lift height. Join a renowned construction recruitment agency today if you’re qualified to operate one of these vehicles.


If you apply for this position, you will be in charge of directing the movement of the cars. Health and safety will also be your responsibility.

Steel Welders

A building site employs tens of thousands of people. Opportunities abound for those with diverse skill sets who are willing to seize them. Steel window frames have become commonplace in recent years. At a construction site, you’ll see a slew of similar pieces of metalwork in the form of scaffolding.

Ground workers

A construction site’s ground crew is its most important unit. They’re responsible for digging the foundation of your building and performing other foundation-related tasks. This is the most important profession in London’s building industry. Ground workers are essential if you want a complete building project.


A construction site wouldn’t be complete without bricklayers. There are a few tricks that only experienced bricklayers have up their sleeves. London Construction recruitment agencies area always looking for people from this background.


Woods are irreplaceable. There will never be a completed construction project without woodwork, no matter how many metals are used in the process. So, carpentry is one of the most popular jobs in construction in London.


A construction project’s third step is typically plastering. Many construction recruitment agencies like Link-Force uses professional plasterers in order to ensure that the project goes off without a hitch.


In addition to constructing the structure, construction recruitment agencies also provide workers to complete the facility. Many companies, like link-Force, are eager to hire painters and decorators with a proven track record.

Fixers for Dry Liner/Ceiling

Link-Force has ongoing work for anybody with experience in false ceiling construction. So, don’t wait any longer to send in your resume. They’re on the lookout for the best and brightest construction workers.

Join a renowned construction recruitment agency now

In the construction industry, there are literally tens of thousands of agencies that provide workers. You will have to find the right one to join for your construction career. Numerous building projects require workers in London. Nevertheless, it is difficult to locate the most qualified candidates for these positions. You can apply to Link-Force if you want to have a good job experience with a chance to increase your skills and knowledge. There is more to them than just construction jobs in London. There is no other option if you want to see a steady upward trend in your career graph.