A construction recruitment agency helps people to find relevant jobs in construction through a third party. They act in between the employer and the job seekers and can be supportive in searching for an ideal job. It is a time-saving option for employers who do not want to spend much time on finding the right person. They can help to find both full-time and part-time jobs.

If you are seeking a job through a recruitment agency, you are most likely to land the perfect job. But expect to undergo multiple interviews and be out of the competition because these agencies only supply expert persons to companies. We have gathered a list of top construction recruitment agencies London to help you select the right one for your job hunt.

Hays Construction and Property

The construction industry is growing fast and it requires the right skills to land on successful projects. Hays Construction and Property is a renowned recruitment agency that provides job opportunities for both full-time and part-time workers. They tailor the jobs according to the needs of every individual and work closely with recruiters and employees to make a successful deal.

Anders Elite

It is one of the famous recruitment companies having provided jobs to different people for about 30 years. They work both on an industrial, commercial, and residential scale and provide architecture and civil engineering jobs. They are well connected and can be your ideal choice as they have the knowledge about the right type of employers. You are less likely to face a scam or land on low paid jobs with them.


Link-Force is one of the top Construction Recruitment Agencies London having more than decades of experience in the job field. They provide contract, permanent, and full-time jobs for those looking for construction areas. They help you to partner with local companies working under your expected salary range. They are recruitment experts and check your skills and knowledge to direct you to the right employer. It is a one-stop solution for people looking for permanent and temporary jobs. Your chances of excelling are great by reaching through a reliable agency.

Howard Finely

Howard Finely is one of the trustworthy and top construction agencies London. Their growth graph is constantly rising with the number of satisfied hiring companies and job seekers. They have built their portfolio quite well and are recognized by the majority around the UK. Howard Finely works with construction, mechanical and electrical jobs both for small and large-scale businesses. They also claim to have a constant job and labor supply working as the best third party.

LJB & Co Construction Recruitment

They are a specialized agency that offers job services to civil engineering construction and property sectors. They offer a range of permanent temporary part-time, full time and contract job positions. The job division is as per the requirement of the hiring company and the applicants. They are recognized as London construction recruitment agencies with maximum job rates. They have extensive experience and claim to provide professionals to the companies.

Fawkes & Reece

They have been in the industry for about 30 years and have links with leading construction companies. They can be your ideal third party when looking for a construction job. Fawkes & Reece has the most dedicated team of consultants to make sure you get selected for the post you desire. They cover all sorts of roles whether you are a beginner looking for a developmental opportunity or an expert in need of an executive position.