Link-force offers recruitment servicesto some of the most highly regarded names in the industry, including Vinci Construction and Bouygues Construction. We are specialists in recruiting engineers, project managers, purchasing agents, and more to ensure your project meets its deadlines and budgets! Visit our website today for more information about how we can assist you with finding jobs in construction.

Link-force Background

Link-force is an industry leader in permanent, temporary, and contract recruitment. It’s also a recruitment and manpower solutions company that offers a broad range of services including, but not limited to: administration and management of human resources, full-cycle recruitment, provision of expert opinion on HR issues, employee training and motivation, etc. With many years of experience in the operation and development of both conventional and innovative methods of construction recruitment.

Our Client Base

We have a huge client base with many different construction companies so we have first-hand knowledge of what each company needs. We work hard to make sure we are recruiting only employees that can fulfill our clients’ demands. Our recruiters are trained to know exactly what a candidate must be able to do to satisfy their prospective employers. That is why we’ve been able to retain some of our best candidates for years and why they choose us over other Construction recruitment in London agencies even when they’re not actively seeking a new job or career opportunity.

Construction Recruitment

Today in a more than $8 trillion GDP global construction industry with over 100 million people employed, finding jobs can be challenging if you are not prepared. Construction recruiting is an industry of its own, where one person’s role is similar to another and yet completely different. Specialized skills and knowledge are required for each function in construction from engineers to plumbers, mechanics to laborers, electricians to design managers. We know it takes more than just a job listing to connect people with jobs in construction because as important as having your dream job is finding your dream employee; someone who fits well into your company culture or project needs. That’s why Link-Force offers a broad range of online tools and connections that make finding a job easy while helping candidates find their dream careers.

Jobs in Construction

Our recruitment experts use in-house experience and cross-industry hiring intelligence to identify the qualified people you need to build a successful team. Our flexible solutions fit any business size, and our local experts can provide personalized service that’s hard to find with larger companies. With over a decade of experience in the industry, we take pride in understanding your needs. Our attention to detail, along with full support at every stage of the hiring process will help ensure that your job ads and recruitment programs deliver relevant applicants. We have strong relationships with many clients, so we can easily assess whether an existing employee would be interested in an additionaljob opportunity. Either way, we make sure that every employee is properly vetted before they start work with you.

Why Choose Link-Force?

When it comes to Construction recruitment in London, nobody is better than Link-Force. That’s because we keep a finger on an ever-changing pulse of industry trends and developments, as well as meet with in-house personnel regularly. This means we have an unrivaled understanding of what our clients need right now and in what sort of supply/demand scenario and that understanding is ultimately reflected in our service to them. At Link-Force, our mission is simple to provide jobs in construction by helping employers find great staff while offering exceptional candidates a range of permanent positions; temporary work at short notice; self-employment opportunities; or contract roles where they get to choose their hours and workloads.