If you reside in London and you think that you can succeed in the construction industry, here’s a list of the topmost demand jobs in London that do not require any high-level educational degree. Have a look and try your luck in your relevant field.


If you want to work in construction but also need a job that involves a lot of physical labour, consider becoming a glazier. Workers in this field are responsible for the installation of window and storefront glass, as well as various types of the display glass. They frequently combine their technical expertise with their inventiveness to find innovative ways to install windows in unusual locations or to meet special client demands. It’s a great career choice because there are so many opportunities. If you are physically fit, knowledgeable, and good at math, you will do well. A high school diploma is all you need to get started. After that, you can enrol in an apprenticeship programme and gain experience working in the field directly after graduation. Link-Force offer Construction Jobs in London.

Elevator installers and repairmen

As long as you can be on call in case of an emergency, constructing or repairing elevators can be a financially rewarding career choice. Elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and other types of transportation systems are all in the hands of those who work in this industry. To succeed in this position, you’ll need excellent mechanical abilities, the ability to identify and fix problems, dependability, analytical thinking, and independence. Usually, you need an apprenticeship to start your career, and you’ll need to keep learning throughout your career. It’s a tough field that has big effects on consumer safety, so it’s important to keep up with all the training.


Masonry is one of the most successful professions in the construction business. Masonry is a long-establish, highly skilled professional. A good mason must have excellent eye-hand coordination as well as other physical abilities. Masons use concrete, bricks and stones to build walkways, walls, fences, and other buildings. Physical stamina and strength as well as colour vision and coordination are all necessary for success. You will require a GED or high school diploma and an on the job training or apprenticeship to get started in this area. Link-Force offer Construction Jobs in London. Come and join.


Even though working as an ironworker can be hazardous and full of dangers, there are numerous advantages to this profession that lead to it being a popular career choice among many. To create and support infrastructure projects like bridges, highways, and other structures, ironworkers use structural and reinforcing iron or steel. They must be compose, resilient, and able to maintain their composure under pressure. In addition, they must be self-motivated and unafraid of heights. Some ironworkers learn their skills on the job, while others go through an apprenticeship for Demand jobs in London.

Operators of Heavy Construction Equipment

Workers who operate construction equipment play the most important role on the job site, yet the job market is attractive to many people since it offers high career prospects and pays well while still requiring little formal training. Driving, moving, and controlling heavy equipment and machinery in various construction situations are all part of the work duties. Success necessitates good eye-hand coordination, endurance, and mechanical aptitude. This job requires a high school diploma or GED and some experience in the construction industry.

If you have relevant education for any of the fields mention above, you can consult the Link-Force Recruitment Agency as they hire construction jobs in London, train them and provide them with construction jobs to increase their experience and practical exposure.